Posted by: catem | August 29, 2009

A Personal Philosophy

Over the years as I’ve grown older, certain things have taken on a different importance than they had when I was younger. Priorities changed, values changed and the like. For what ever reason I have somehow began to value simplicity. The things that I have accumulated through the years no longer have the same meaning that they once held. Although I will always value my Harmony collection and certain other items, in the end the question that remains is “what is it all for?” As I tried to tell someone recently, that all this “stuff” is like so much baggage. It’s much easier to not be tied down to things; much easier to not be tied down to any one place. I almost hesitate to buy a house because of this. Certainly, life is short and we must and should enjoy and make the most of the time we are allowed to be here. But beyond that I have tried to find value in more spiritual things than in material things. In the end, I truly feel that it is the memories of our friends and families that we take with us, and the number of people that we touch in a postive manner is what counts. Although I tend to often fall, as I am only human, it is with this goal in mind that I’ve tried to develop my own tenets by which to live:

1. Value and respect all life and regard it with compassion.
2. Live simply by keeping things as simple.
3. Do not judge another person regardless of their point of view, their actions, lifestyle, or their heritage.
4. Do not tell lies or engage in other forms of deception (it will be found out).
5. If given the opportunity to do good deeds, take it.
6. Keep an open mind regardless of how far fetched an new idea may be.
7. Do not engage in gossip. Sometimes the result is as harmful as committing a physical act.
8. Regardless of reputation, give the other person the benefit of the doubt. There are always several sides to a story.
9. Take every opportunity to learn or read something new.
10. Take a moment to see something of beauty each and everyday.
13. Keep all promises and make none that cannot be kept.
15. Learn to expect nothing of others or hold them to unreasonable standards.
16. Be thankful for that which is already attained.
18. Do not hold grudges.
19. Try not to say the first outrageous thing that comes to mind without considering its consequences.
20. Make at least one person smile each day by engaging in a “random act of kindness”.
21. Do not let the day end in anger or on an ugly note with another person as there is no telling when anyone’s time will come.
22. Avoid being mean for meanness sake; if there is nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing.
23. “Tread lightly” within the context that our existense on this earth is finite. Take from the earth only that which is necessary in consideration for those who follow us, that they too can lead a fruitful life.
24. Remember the Universal Law of Cause and Effect; every thought and action is followed by a like reaction, i.e. what comes around goes around; and you reap what you sow…sooner or later.


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